Dedicated to Exceeding your Expectations


Our manufacturing process begins with the raw materials and ends with our final QA and unique packing, with each step closely monitored to ensure the consistent quality and durability we strive for.


  • Quality furniture made in North America
  • Starts with only the finest raw materials sourced from around the world
  • Features an exceptional combination of skilled craftsmanship and the latest computerized precision applications
  • Includes a multi-step finishing process to enhance the natural beauty of the premium materials and offer you an endless array of colours and finishing techniques
  • Ends with our “Bar Top” topcoat for the ultimate in finish protection and ease of repair.


Whether it’s that one special public area item, or a 500+ full guest room program, we ensure accuracy, efficient execution and quick turnaround of the fabrication process. How? Artco has extensive experience with complex multi-SKU projects, supported by in-house engineering and development from our Canadian facility. That means, the changing room conditions are addressed, especially when renovating architecturally significant historic older buildings. Our case goods, upholstery, and metal capabilities provide maximum design flexibility, simplified project management, and reduced logistics management.